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About Our Law Firm

For over twenty five years, Shapiro, Fishman and Gaché, LLP has handled thousands of mortgage foreclosures and bankruptcy cases annually. Our firm concentrates on, and provides prompt and professional legal representation in the areas of foreclosure, consumer bankruptcy, general commercial litigation, evictions and closings. During our years of representing lenders and loan servicers, we have dealt with virtually every issue that could arise in this practice area. We maintain an extensive training program for our Associate Attorneys and continually strive to provide reliable and efficient services in the areas of foreclosure, bankruptcy, commercial litigation, eviction and closings.

Mortgage Foreclosures

Being late on your mortgage payments for a period of time may lead to foreclosure if action is not taken immediately.
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Consumer Bankruptcy

The Consumer Bankruptcy is a process in which the consumers can repay some or all of their debts.
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